Saturday, October 29, 2011

Best Night of My Life

My parents had gone away for the weekend and my gf decided to come over to spend time. She came at around 2 and we just chilled. When 8 o clock came she told me she was really horny and gave me this smile that just turned me on right then and there. I started to kiss her and I brought her up to my room and locked my door.(Even though nobody was home. Better safe than sorry.)I made out with her for about 10 minutes and then she took her tops off but still kept her shorts and leggings. She taunted me saying "If you can make me horny enough, the bottoms will come off too." After ten more minutes of making out she decided to take her shorts off leaving just the leggings on. This gave me an idea. For a present I had gotten her a butterfly vibrator and a bed bondage kit. I decided I wanted to take these out and she already had a Hitachi magic wand so we got that out too. I applied the bed bondage kit and was prepared to strap her to the bed. My heart was beating too loud and my hands were shaking uncontrollably as I strapped my beautiful girlfriend to the bed. I didn't take her leggings off and when she asked me why I just replied "You will just have to wait and see" with a smile on my face. I grabbed a hold of the butterfly vibrator and started tying the straps around her waist and applied the head of the vibrator directly on her clitoris. I felt her heart and it was beating very fast and heavy. I took the remote and wrapped it around her leg and tucked it into her leggings. I turned the knob to maximum power and walked over to her because I haven' turned it on yet. I asked her "You ready to scream?" She just let out a pant and I slapped her leg lightly to activate the vibrator. She started moaning and I distanced myself and watched from the door. Her waist was jerking and with one strong dosage being delivered to her clitoris, her pelvis shot up and let out her squirt. She started squirting like crazy and this turned me on even more because I had no idea she could squirt. She shot some waves across the room but some were weak shots and just dripped into her leggings and over the remote. She screamed in pleasure and after 5 minutes I turned it off. That got me off so much so I quickly grabbed the Hitachi and applied that one as well. I quickly told her "Its time for round 2" She told me to stand back as I started both of them at the same time. She screamed even louder and squirted even more. I left them on for about 10 minutes and then I stopped them. The walls were covered in her love juices and she was worn out. I kissed her and I untied her from the bed. We then engaged in mutual masturbation while watching some hot videos. She playfully hit me and we were wrestling naked. It was really fun because every time I had her trapped I would tickle her. We finished after that and then went to sleep naked. I love her so much and I intend to marry her.

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